How To Maintain Your Double Glazed Windows

How To Maintain Your Double Glazed Windows

If you haven’t already established a thorough window-washing routine, now is the time. Cleaning your windows has a big influence on the appearance and functionality of your uPVC glass. Though your uPVC double glazing requires little care, you must keep it clean in order to keep its operating parts in good condition. In this blog, we will explain how to care for your windows so that you may get the most out of your uPVC double glazing.

Cleaning The Glass

uPVC glass should be cleaned four to eight times a year on average. When washing uPVC windows, it is preferable to avoid using chemical-based treatments. To achieve the finest results, utilise classic glass cleaners and e-cloths created specifically for cleaning glass. Choose a day when the windows will not be in direct sunlight—we recommend cleaning on an overcast day. This is because as you wash your windows, the sun can frequently dry them too rapidly, creating stains on the glass.

  • Prep windows by rubbing them with a moist cloth to remove extra grime.
  • Directly apply a non-smear glass cleaner to the glass.
  • Using a microfiber cloth, work into all corners.
  • Polish the glass to perfection with the drying towel.

The Window Frames

You should also clean the frames of your windows twice a year. The more you practise, the simpler it will be! Open the windows and brush away dust, filth, and spiderwebs using an old paintbrush, then clean them all away using a vacuum hose. Wipe off the window frames with a soft cloth and a basin of warm water with washing-up liquid. Concentrate on the extreme borders of the window, where it lies inside the outside frames. For really persistent filth, use a solvent uPVC cleaner, which is available in hardware stores.

Mould-Build Up

Living in a humid environment can provide annoying challenges, such as condensation. This is especially likely with worn and broken window seals, which can shorten the window’s lifespan. Condensation on a regular basis can also promote mould growth, which can easily harm the frame. Wipe your double-glazed windows with a sponge to prevent excessive moisture and mould formation. You may also open the windows and air out the room to maintain your house well-ventilated.

Eco Auckland

uPVC glass is long-lasting and requires very little maintenance. Even when exposed to moist environments, it will almost never oxidise. This is not to say that you should not clean your windows. You’ll still need to clean them to keep them looking good.

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