Should You Get Bifold Or Sliding Doors For Your Home?

Should You Get Bifold Or Sliding Doors For Your Home?

There are two fantastic and highly popular options when it comes to large doors in New Zealand. 

They are bifold doors and sliding doors, and each type offers its own benefits to Kiwi homeowners. The best way to make the decision between the two is to fully understand the pros and cons of each type, so you can choose which one best suits your home and lifestyle needs. 

Read on to learn more about uPVC bifold doors and sliding doors, and what they can each offer your home. 

Why you should choose bifold uPVC doors 

Bidfolding doors have multiple panels that fold back against themselves when you open the door. 

In the closed position, they look like large floor-to-ceiling windows. In the open position, they fold back and group together on one (or both) sides of a doorway. This creates a wide entrance or exit, with the stack of folded doors tucked off to one or both sides. 

The main benefit here is the large entry and exit this style creates. This is ideal for greater indoor/outdoor flow, which is why it’s so popular in New Zealand as a doorway to decks and patio areas for outdoor entertaining. This style also offers plenty of natural light, and is aesthetically very pleasing. 

The only potential downside of bifold doors is that some people may not like the look of the folded doors when they are open. They will take up a little space at one end as they are all folded up together at 90° to the opening, which might not appeal to some tastes if you are aiming for a more minimalist look.

Why you should choose sliding uPVC doors

Sliding doors are the more traditional style of doorway, and are also often known as ranch sliders.

This style of doors involves two or more large panels that slide left and right, stacking neatly next to each other in the open position. The result is a large entryway that’s an excellent choice for small spaces, and that looks tidy when open. 

The key benefit to this style is the economy of space. As sliding doors do not swing open, nor do they fold back like bifold doors, they take up very little space, making them ideal for smaller homes. 

Additionally, as the panels are made from glass, they still allow plenty of light to stream through whether they are open or closed. 

Sliding doors can only slide so far back, which means that the panel on one side (or both sides for large doorways) will remain in place. Therefore, the doors don’t create an opening as wide as bifold doors do. If you prefer the larger opening that makes use of the entire door space, you might prefer the bifold style. 

What makes uPVC doors special? 

As you make the decision between sliding doors and bifold doors, you can also consider uPVC materials. uPVC is a naturally insulating material, which means that it keeps your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. It also add its own soundproofing – especially when combined with double-glazing – and is secure, eco-friendly, and long lasting. 

Contact the friendly team at Eco Auckland to learn more about uPVC and our fantastic options for sliding and bifold doors. 



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