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All panels fold up to allow complete use of the window cavity, also able to have just one panel open.



We offer a large variety of entrance doors, from simple back doors to statement front doors.

French Door

French Door

Available in various designs and styles, our French doors have two opening panels. 

Smart Slide

Smart Slide

Our most modern sliding door option, with smooth operations and options for 

Sliding handle

Stacking Sliding

Our Stacking Sliding doors provides you with a great option for a sliding door that opens a bit wider. 

Standard Sliding

A great solution for high traffic areas and when you want to fully connect to the outdoors.

uPVC Windows

Tilt & Slide

Great option for added ventilation, while also being secure. They can fully slide when you need more air.

Tilt and Turn

Tilt & Turn

Opens inwards as a standard door, while also having a dual function of tilting inside for added ventilation and security.