Casement Windows

uPVC Windows

Even though casement windows come after awning windows in Kiwi’s favourite window styles, they are widely seen in houses and buildings across New Zealand. 


This simple and streamlined style opens outwards like a door, as it is hinged at the side. Our casement windows utilize friction hinges, which allow the window to stay open as far as you push it (with a maximum opening of around 70 degrees) and make it easy to adjust the amount of airflow.


For safety and security reasons, the frames can lock open at 10mm or at 100mm with the optional restrictor stays. This allows for airflow without a fully opened window. Due to a multi-point locking system, they lock securely and are also sealed airtight. Each of our casement windows has at least two locking points.


Simple, stylish, and very secure, our uPVC casement windows are a great choice for home owners across the country. If you’re building or renovating in the Auckland region, contact our team to find out more.


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