Eco Auckland is BRANZ Appraised

Eco Auckland is BRANZ Appraised

Eco Auckland is BRANZ Appraised

In November 2018, BRANZ gave our entire uPVC product range their appraisal.


An Important Step

This is huge news for us here at Eco Auckland, as it provides us with legitimacy within the building industry. Industry professionals such as architects trust the BRANZ stamp and instantly know that the product range meets relevant NZ building codes, even if they know very little else of the actual product.

The Appraisal contains all relevant building codes to our uPVC windows and doors, providing a condensed database of everything that anyone may need to know. This means that there is no ambiguity around the quality and compliance of our product range, so transparency is ensured.


The Results

BRANZ tested the entire range of the Aluplast 2000 IDEAL series uPVC products that we provide. As all of the uPVC extrusions we use have products codes with time stamps, the entire life journey of our joinery can be tracked. The uPVC is extruded in Aluplast’s plant in Karlsruhe, Germany, before being shipped to Auckland. The factory here then fabricates the joinery to Aluplast’s high standards.

BRANZ were able to verify the uPVC’s authenticity through this transparent tracking system and give our uPVC windows and doors a 15 year guarantee. In New Zealand, very few uPVC products have BRANZ appraisal, let alone such a significant guarantee.


More About BRANZ

BRANZ stands for the Building Research Association New Zealand and they are an independent organisation that is supported by the government. Their oversight ensures standards are upheld in the building industry in this country. BRANZ test and verify building materials and products in their own facilities and publish honest and impartial reports on their findings.

All reports are free to access so both customers and architects alike can read the report. Our one is linked here.

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