Smart Slide Windows

uPVC Windows

Our Smart Slide window is durable and secure, and is made from high-quality uPVC. This modern option offers energy-efficiency for your home or other property. 


Alongside the benefits of our entire uPVC range, the Smart Slide windows have a special modern design that makes them extremely smooth and simple to operate: they slide effortlessly and close softly. The Smart Slide windows are airtight with a double rubber seal which means they are rated for the highest of wind zones. This option is a premium choice and a great selection for any new build or renovation.


The Smart Slide window has two panels, one fixed and one sliding. The multi-point locking system ensures that the windows keep your home or building safe and secure, not letting any unwanted visitors and cold air in.


To find out more about our Smart Slide windows and talk to someone experienced in uPVC joinery and its unique properties, contact the Eco Auckland team. We can help you select the best option for your home!

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