How Long Do uPVC Windows Last?

How Long Do uPVC Windows Last?

When you invest in new windows, you not only want to make sure that they are going to give you a warm, insulated and quiet home. It is also important that they get you a return on investment and last a significant amount of time. uPVC double glazed windows are one of the highest thermally performing solutions across the country that also offer you a range of added benefits that will further raise your home’s comfort levels. Find out how long these windows last in comparison to the traditional timber and aluminium solutions and why they are such an excellent choice for any home across New Zealand!

How long do timber windows last?

Timber windows have historically been the most popular joinery option in New Zealand. They retain your home’s characteristics and offer great thermal qualities with double glazing, as timber is a natural insulator. On the other hand, they are a very high maintenance joinery option, which means that you will regularly need to paint and check them for signs of rotting or warping. To avoid your windows leaking or letting cold air in, you will need to repair or change the joinery as soon as you notice. This can occur more often in homes that are located in harsh environmental conditions, such as close to the sea or other water, so it may be a better idea to invest in another joinery option.

If timber windows are maintained regularly and taken care of, they can last up to 30 years. However, in reality, it’s closer to 10 years, as owners often don’t paint them as often as they should and forget to maintain them.

How long do aluminium windows last?

Aluminium windows also offer an excellent look for homes with their slim, sleek profile that comes in a wide colour range and can be made into various shapes. Many modern homes choose this solution to align with their design. They, however, are the least thermally efficient joinery on the market, which means that the cold air will be able to travel into your home even if your windows are double glazed. Pitting and corrosion are also common issues with aluminium windows as well as the corners of the frames pulling away over time. This also adds to the reduced security of the joinery, as the rubber seal is easy to pull out, allowing the glass to be removed from the outside. There are still several homes across New Zealand with this joinery; however, more are moving away from it.

Similarly to timber windows, aluminium windows last around 30 years if you are giving them the right care and attention.

What about uPVC windows?

uPVC is the most modern window joinery solution on the market and a very popular option in recent years due to its low maintenance and energy efficiency. Together with double glazing, it offers the greatest thermal qualities and will keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It also improves your homes’ insulation and reduces moisture and condensation on the interior. They do not corrode or warp and require minimal maintenance. Treated with titanium dioxide, they reflect UV rays, and with their internal steel structure, they are strong and rigid.

uPVC windows last over 40 years if taken the right care of, so you know you will enjoy their benefits for a long time coming.

If you would like to invest in this high-quality solution, get in touch with Eco Auckland. We can support you from the selection right through to installation and ensure that your home gets the greatest benefits from this high-performing joinery option.


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