Is uPVC Actually Worth It?

Is uPVC Actually Worth It?

uPVC: Is It Worth The Hype?

Choosing the correct windows for your home can be a difficult undertaking, especially with so many alternatives available in New Zealand. uPVC windows and doors, on the other hand, could be a wonderful alternative for you if you want a modern, inventive, inexpensive, and high-performing option. Eco Doors and Windows showcases some of the advantages that these windows can provide for your home!

Characteristics and Benefits of uPVC:

The majority of consumers choose uPVC double glazed windows because of their excellent thermal performance. During the winter, they naturally trap warm air within and cold air out, making them warmer than single glass or even aluminium and timber windows. Regardless matter where you live in New Zealand, they will withstand any weather conditions, including rain, wind, and snow.


uPVC is also a natural noise insulator with great soundproofing properties. Whether you live near a highway or are weary of hearing your neighbour’s dog bark, uPVC double glazed windows can be an excellent alternative. They can reduce noise levels by up to 38 decibels and provide the peace and quiet you’ve been seeking for. These windows will also keep you from bothering your neighbours if you have youngsters or enjoy listening to loud music.

Double Glazing with a High-Performance Finish

Double glazing is standard on all of our uPVC windows and doors. The inclusion of high-performance glass boosts the thermal and acoustic insulation of these windows even more. Double-glazed windows not only increase the value of your home but also improve the comfort of you and your family.

Competitive Pricing:

uPVC is one of the most cost-effective building materials available, despite its durability, adaptability, and energy-saving characteristics. Thermally fractured aluminium is comparable in price. Choosing timber as a window or door material is likely to be the most expensive option.

If you want the benefits of uPVC joinery with double glazing, contact Eco Auckland. We will help you choose the ideal design for your home and will be there for you from measurement to installation. Please contact us if you have any further queries, and we will make your uPVC aspirations a reality.

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