Sound Reduction Through Windows

Sound Reduction Through Windows

Nowadays, many of us live in cities where noise is inevitable. There is an increasing amount of cars on the road, children playing outside, planes flying over our heads and many other things that contribute to noise pollution. Many of us have learned to live with this disturbance, as we believe there is nothing that can be done about it. However, Eco Auckland’s uPVC double glazed windows offer a solution that you might not have thought about!

uPVC double glazing is a modern window and door solution that we increasingly see in homes across New Zealand. These types of windows offer a range of benefits over traditional aluminium and timber frames. uPVC is a natural insulator that ensures that your house stays at an ideal temperature during all parts of the year and any breezes and cold air are eliminated. They are expected to last over 40 years with little need for maintenance, and their multi-point locking system offers a secure and safe solution for all homes. They can even lower your electrical bill and are an eco-friendly solution that protects the planet. However, there is an additional positive that many of us are unaware of: their soundproofing qualities.

uPVC is the leading sound reducer on the market, as it can reduce sound transference by 38dB. When you install this type of window in your home, the noise pollution you have become so accustomed to will be significantly reduced. Whether you live in central Auckland or near the airport, you will enjoy the soundproofing benefits of this option. We shouldn’t have to listen to loud construction, people passing by our house and to our neighbour’s dog. Soundproofing a home has become important in recent years, and uPVC double glazing gives you an excellent start!

Laminated safety or hush glasses further reduce noise pollution in your home, and these excellent soundproofing options can also be found at Eco Auckland. The laminated safety glass is made by a heat pressure process that laminates two sheets of glass with a polyvinyl butyral interlayer between them. This makes the glass thicker, which shuts out more noise and creates a safer glass. We also install hush glasses from Viridian, which can further drop noise levels and improve your home’s soundproofing qualities.

At Eco Auckland, we will ensure you get the greatest soundproofing qualities with uPVC double glazing. Whether you live in central Auckland or further out in the suburbs, our team can find a solution that will reduce noise pollution within your home. Contact our friendly team at Eco Auckland if you would like to find out more about the soundproofing qualities of these windows and make your home a more comfortable place to live in!


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