Window frame styles: What one should I get?

Window frame styles: What one should I get?

Choosing a new window style for your room can be a challenging process with so many different options on the market that offer various features and benefits. Eco Auckland’s uPVC double glazed windows are the highest thermally performing choice that also provides soundproofing qualities. They will improve the comfort level in your home through their airtightness and multi-point locking system.

To help you select the right design for your home, we put together a handy guide of all styles available from Eco Auckland!


Window styles from Eco Auckland

We have a wide range of window designs that come with a variety of features and in a range of sizes. At Eco Auckland, we understand how important it is to find the right window for your needs and will happily support you during the selection process. Here is a short description of each window design available from our store!


Awning windows

Awning windows are a versatile and high performing solution for many different situations. They are one of the most popular designs in New Zealand and are hinged at the top of the frame and open outwards. This saves you some space on the inside. Our unique friction hinge helps the window stay put at the desired angle that you push them to and prevents it from falling in when released. Eco Auckland’s awning windows can open to a full 70-degree angle with a gentle push. This classic but versatile option is an excellent choice for all types of rooms in your home!


Casement windows

Casement windows offer a simple design that hinges at the side and opens outwards like a door. They are another very popular option across the country and are commonly seen in homes and commercial buildings in New Zealand. Our frames can lock at 10mm or 100mm with restrictor stays, which ensures your home can stay ventilated and secure even when you are out. Similarly to our awning windows, they have friction hinges to stay open at the desired angle you wish but can also open to a full 70 degrees. Eco Auckland often installs these windows in homes where the owners are looking for increased airflow.


Tilt and turn windows

Tilt and turn windows are often installed in modern homes that desire increased ventilation and airflow without having to open the structure completely. They are an innovative choice with a dual operating function: they can open inwards like a door or are able to tilt inwards at the top with a 100mm opening. This offers a great way to ventilate your home while also preventing any small children or pets from climbing out the window. Tilt and turn windows need sufficient space in a room to fully open. They can be a great choice for bathrooms and toilets due to their secure and simple ventilation or by a pathway where there isn’t enough space for a traditional outward tilting and opening window.


Bifold windows

Bifold windows from Eco Auckland come with three to six panels, which gives owners a wide range of options whatever size window they are looking for. They are a versatile and innovative style that maximises open space and the indoor-outdoor flow of your home. Their main panel swings freely and can be pinned back to remain wide open, while the other panels fold back to 90 degrees from the house. It gives you full control of your space, as you are able to open one, a few or all of the panels. Bifold windows are often installed in kitchens and dining areas that open to outdoor entertaining spaces. This window style seamlessly connects your room to the outdoors and makes food preparation easy.


Sliding windows

Sliding windows from Eco Auckland come with two panels that can be configured as one fixed and one sliding panel or both panels sliding, depending on what type of design you are looking for. They are a great choice for any room that doesn’t have much space inside or outside the window opening. Our sliding windows are rated up to a high window, so they are a great choice for homes that are impacted by the environment and weather. If you would like to save on space but have a great connection to the outdoors, choose our sliding windows!


Stacking sliding windows

Stacking sliding windows have a larger opening than standard sliding windows and maximise the indoor-outdoor flow of your home. They have three panels that can be configured in different ways: one panel is fixed while the other two slide, or all three panels are sliding. We often see this option fitted next to outdoor entertainment spaces due to their large configuration and space. They make communication with the outside easy and simple.


Smart slide windows

Smart slide windows slide effortlessly, close softly and seal tightly, making them an excellent choice for homes in extra high wind zone areas. This innovative and modern design that operates smoothly and easily will keep your home comfortable no matter where your house is located. Eco Auckland often installs these in new builds and modern homes, but they can be an excellent choice for any type of house. Our Smart slide windows come with two panels: one fix and one sliding. This unique design will change the way that you think about your windows!


Get in touch with Eco Auckland

If you are still unsure about which frame style would suit your home the best, get in touch with the uPVC double glazing experts at Eco Auckland. We can help you select the window style for your needs and ensure that you will get the most from your new windows!

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