How to maintain your uPVC windows

How to maintain your uPVC windows

Have you recently upgraded to uPVC double glazed windows and are wondering how you need to care for them? Eco Auckland is here to explain how you can ensure that your new products last as long as possible and perform the best that they can without any issues.


Cleaning frames and glasses

uPVC window frames are extremely low maintenance and only need to be cleaned every few months, depending on where the house is located. Our weather-resistant and high-quality windows and doors are simple to clean with dishwashing liquid and warm water. If there is some dust or soiling on the frame and glass caused by rain and dirt can be easily removed by soaking the surface with this mixture and rinsing it with clean water. You need to make sure to dry the surface after cleaning with a cloth or a paper towel. Your frames can simply be wiped off with a clean micro-fibre cloth to ensure they look new!

As our glass is so easily cleaned, ensure you never use any polishing agents as these could damage their surface! If you have a coloured laminated frame, try to rub along the length of the surface instead of across it to ensure your design stays intact.


Avoiding scratches

Scratches usually occur when attempting to remove hardened dirt and paint from the window surface. Owners often try to remove these with a sharp object, which can easily damage the window. At Eco Auckland, we suggest you try to remove any foreign objects before they harden; however, if you are unable to do so, then do not use razor blades or any other metal scrapers on the glass surface. Try to avoid scraping glass with any metal blades and knives and instead use the cleaning technique mentioned above.

If you are renovating the inside or outside of your home, cover all uPVC windows, doors and frames to prevent building materials from adhering to and causing damage to the surface!


Gasket and opening hardware care

The gaskets of your window are made of high-quality weather and age resistant soft uPVC, which means that they are simple and easy to maintain. Ensure you remove any dust, dirt and soil from the gasket with warm soapy water and a rinse afterwards. To lengthen the life of your gasket, apply silicone oil a few times a year by rubbing it in with a cloth.

To easily open and close your uPVC windows and doors, ensure that any tracks are free of dust and debris. This will protect the opening hardware from wear and tear and enable you to use your uPVC products problem-free. Aim to complete full maintenance once a year, where you grease all moving and locking parts with an acid-free lubricant, such as petroleum jelly. Also, place a few drops of light machine oil in all guide slots.


Corrosive environments

Cleaning and maintaining uPVC windows and doors are even more vital if you live in an area subject to corrosive elements in the air. This includes living close to the sea, a water treatment plant or in a location with high levels of pollutants in the air. Maintenance of uPVC windows and doors should be performed every 2 months to prevent damage if you live in one of the above-mentioned areas.


Find out more

Eco Auckland is here to make your home warmer, quieter and more secure with uPVC double glazing in the Auckland region. If you need help and support with the maintenance and cleaning of your uPVC windows and doors, contact our team. We can give you a few additional tips and tricks to ensure you can enjoy your double-glazed glass for as long as possible.

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