Timber vs uPVC joinery

Timber vs uPVC joinery

Upgrading your old windows to new ones can be a challenging decision. You may be asking questions, such as what type of windows should I get? What kinds are the right ones for me and my house? The two main options are timber or uPVC joinery with your double glazing. If you are struggling to make the decision about these two options, make sure you read on, as Eco Auckland explains the benefits of each method!

New timber windows with double glazing

Timber joinery with double glazing is a classic option that can be seen widely across New Zealand homes. Even if you replace the windows on your old, traditional home, the character of your house will remain as it was with the single glass. The house’s exterior will stay the same apart from the better put together window frames that are freshly painted and installed. This is a massive benefit of timber joinery for many, as people often don’t want to give up the style and character of their home that they have lived in for such a long time. But homeowners often overlook other options that may benefit them due to their connection to the current design of their houses, so make sure you research well before deciding.

Another excellent benefit of timber windows with double glazing is their thermal characteristic. This material is an insulator that keeps your home at an ideal temperature both in winter and summer. A negative of this double-glazed option is that it doesn’t seal as well as uPVC options. Over time, when the timber expands and contracts, draughts could develop, as the glass may shift position within the frame or gaps in the frames may develop.

The greatest challenge with timber windows is their high maintenance. Apart from the paint easily getting damaged by environmental factors, such as rain and wind, and having to be repainted to keep the ideal design and look of the home’s exterior, timber windows can also warp and rot relatively easily. Owners need to assess for damage monthly and replace the joinery to avoid leaks and further issues with the home.

uPVC joinery with double glazing

uPVC joinery with double glazing is a newer version for windows on the market, and more and more people are selecting this option for their homes due to the numerous benefits it can offer the homeowners.

Some may believe that uPVC will completely change the exterior look of their homes. At Eco Auckland, we have numerous colour and design options that will help keep the outside character of your home with this excellent window option. Although it may not look exactly like timber, uPVC offers a great alternative that won’t completely change your home’s current design.

One of uPVC’s most sought after qualities is their low maintenance. They never need to be repainted or changed due to degradation such as rotting and warping. Instead, their owner only needs to clean and maintain the joinery a few times a year to keep enjoying the many benefits that they provide. If you are not keen on regularly assessing and servicing your windows, then uPVC may be an excellent choice for you.

Additionally, if you are tired of being cold in the winter, uPVC joinery can help you. These are the highest overall thermal performing windows, ensuring that you get all the benefits from your double glazing. You won’t feel a breeze coming in from the outside because uPVC is extremely tight sealing. No matter where in New Zealand your home is located, these windows withstand environmental factors while giving you a warm, eco-efficient home.

The greatest downside of uPVC joinery is their relatively thick profile, suggesting that you may lose some glass space when going for this option. They need a more comprehensive profile around the double-glazed glass to keep all their insulating and tight sealing capabilities. This can mainly be an issue if you are fitting several small-sized windows closely together within your home.

So which one should I get?

Getting uPVC joinery with double glazing will offer you the highest thermal performance out of all options. However, timber windows also offer excellent design and insulation benefits. Before making a final decision, make sure you consider all pros and cons of the different types of joinery and think about what your home needs. The team at Eco Auckland can help you in your selection.

If you have any questions about double glazing and joinery options, get in touch with us today, and we will be happy to offer our expertise!


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